Machida Policeman flies down the street on his Bicycle

I was walking around Machida yesterday and came onto a shopping street full of people and was nearly badly injured by a policeman, just flying on his bicycle. I didn`t even have time to say anything. I find the cyclists in Machida so dangerous and that obviously includes the police. I thought of reporting him, but I should have looked more carefully too. However, it … Continue reading Machida Policeman flies down the street on his Bicycle

Take a break from Machida!

Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Machida? Come on out to where the air is fresh and the hot springs are beckoning. Minamiashigarashi, near Hakone, Odawara and Izu. View YouTube video of a beautiful part of Japan Shawn`s Movie Recommendations An NHL Hockey Team for Tokyo! Our guest house near Hakone JAPAN APOLOGISTS Study English for Free near Machida Continue reading Take a break from Machida!

Murder in Machida

Woman arrested for fatally stabbing boyfriend after drugging him Police in Machida, Tokyo, said Sunday they have arrested a 43-year-old woman on suspicion of murder after she drugged her 61-year-old boyfriend and then stabbed him. According to police, Chinatsu Sato, of unknown occupation, has admitted to stabbing Tomio Arashi, who lived nearby, at least 10 times in the chest and back with a kitchen knife … Continue reading Murder in Machida

Lack of Certain Gut Bacteria linked to Depression

Lack of certain gut bacteria has been linked to depression and other disorders. Two kinds of microbes, Coprococcus and Dialister, were missing from the microbiomes of the depressed subjects, but not from those with a high quality of life. The finding held up when the researchers allowed for factors such as age, sex, or antidepressant use, all of which influence the microbiome, the team reports today in Nature Microbiology. They … Continue reading Lack of Certain Gut Bacteria linked to Depression

Shawn`s Movie Recommendations

These are movie recommendations by Shawn.  Most are not so recent, but Shawn says all are good! Nice Guys – starring Canadian actor Ryan Gosling What we do in the Shadows Spy The Big Sick Zootopia The Lunchbox Hocus Pocus – a Halloween Movie Living in Japan: what`s it like? Health Clinics in Tokyo Hakone Tokyo Comedy Store Want Cheap Places to Stay in Japan? Continue reading Shawn`s Movie Recommendations

Tsukada Nojo, Machida Isakaya

Tsukada Nojo, Machida Isakaya is about five minutes on foot from Machida Station. It specializes in chicken and comes highly recommended. Inside the branch located in the same building as TGIFRIDAYS but on the 7 th floor. We had a great view. There is at least one other branch in Machida. Tsukada Nojo can be found all over Japan. It is some of the best … Continue reading Tsukada Nojo, Machida Isakaya