Tokyo  Dermatologist , Dr. Reiko Akasu

Dr. Reiko Akasu is an English speaking dermatologist in Tokyo.  She accepts Japanese national medical insurance and she takes appointments! Yay! She reputedly knows Caucasian skin as well, so if you are like me and did too much sunbathing as a teenager, she is a good choice to ask to check your moles! Her clinic is in Roppongi. She trained abroad I believe. She comes … Continue reading Tokyo  Dermatologist , Dr. Reiko Akasu

American Clinic Tokyo 

I highly recommend the American Clinic in Tokyo. Dr. Mikasa is fluent in English and Japanese. He studied in the states and he is a very personable doctor who takes his time with you.  He also takes appointments. (A rarity in Japan!) AMERICAN CLINIC TOKYONo1. Niikura Building 3F, 1-7-4 Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo 〒107-0052 TEL 03-6441-0969 FAX 03-6737-1954  American Clinic Tokyo Facebook Page CLINIC HOURS: The … Continue reading American Clinic Tokyo 

Cleaning staff Required

Cleaning Staff required 掃除スタッフKevin Guest House/English School – Kogasaka, Machida 時給 1,100/hour 雇用形態:アルバイト・パート この求人にスマホで応募 Guest House/English School in Machida requires cleaning staff. Shifts: 10am-12noon or later. In Kogasaka area. Pay ¥1100/hour No experience necessary we can train you. Good work for housewife or retired person. Contact Kevin Burns, Kevin’s English Schools Machidaにあるゲストハウス(民泊)、英会話スクールのお掃除スタッフ募集週に1,2回、シャワー、キッチンなどのお掃除スタッフ特に木、金、土、働ける方歓迎10:00~13:00 までの間で2時間くらい(要相談) 主婦歓迎自給 ¥1100/hr (交通費はなし)とくにスキルは必要ありません。普段家で家事を行っている方。簡単な英語の読み書きができると助かります。 Email: 日本語でOKです。 Kevin Burns 雇用形態: アルバイト…パート 給与: 1,100円 … Continue reading Cleaning staff Required

Where to Watch Movies Online?

Where to watch movies online?  I use Netflix and Hulu which are both good and very cheap.  You Tube of course has a lot of free content. But here are some other suggestions: Movies: Movies & TV TV Sports Continue reading Where to Watch Movies Online?

Costco in Machida

We are lucky in Machida to have so much great shopping available to us.  Plus there are two Costco stores nearby, the Zama branch and the Machida branch. Zama Costco: 1 Chome-13-3 Higashihara, Zama, Kanagawa 252-0004 Open 10AM-20:00 Costco Homepage Tel 046-298-2900   Machida Tamasakai Costco 3 Chome-6-1 Oyamagaoka Machida, Tokyo 194-0215 Open 10am – 20:00 Tel 042-798-6001 Email: Continue reading Costco in Machida