Turn Off Scores for NHL.com

Dear NHL.com User, Thank you for contacting NHL.TV. Please follow the steps below to successfully hide scores using your PC computer: 1. Open an archive game of choice.  2. Select the “gear icon” for settings in the right corner just above the video player. 3. Select the option to hide spoilers. 4. Select “Save Changes” in blue. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel … Continue reading Turn Off Scores for NHL.com

Big Shoes available at Ten in Shinjuku

Buying large shoes in Japan is a bit like trying to find a prime-time TV show that doesn’t feature at least one past or present member of AKB48: You know they exist, but it often takes perseverance and a measure of luck to track them down. Back home in New Zealand I take a perfectly average size 7, but the corresponding Japanese size of 24.5 … Continue reading Big Shoes available at Ten in Shinjuku

Nerd Nite Tokyo

Nerd Nite last week: we laughed, we learned, here’s the photos and video! Meet the Green Zeta Boson at next Nerd Nite…these are the speakers on November 9th! Daniel Jeans — The Next Frontier of Physics with the International Linear Collider  Thomas Chater — Lights, Camera, Calcium: Watching Neurons Communicate Ade Irma Suriajaya — When Infinity Becomes Finite –> LISTEN TO THE PREVIEW HERE Join the Facebook event! New: apply for a grant … Continue reading Nerd Nite Tokyo

Living in Japan: what`s it like?

Living in Japan Living in Japan, is an amazing experience, that will change you! What is a Japanese apartment like? To make living here fun and not unbearable, you need a decent if not a nice place to live. Where you live of course, makes a huge difference in how you feel about wherever you live, but especially in a foreign country like Japan. Your … Continue reading Living in Japan: what`s it like?