The Japanese Justice System

If you come to live in Japan you should be aware that if you are ever arrested here, you are guilty until proven innocent. With no access to a lawyer while you are being interrogated.

You can be held without charges for up to 23 days. However, as we’ve seen with Ghosn, that can be continued indefinitely. Amnesty International has Japan on its watch list.

I don’t argue that the man may be guilty. I just feel that Japan’s justice system needs to be reformed to make it more humane.

Ghosns Wife Launches Protest at Inhumane Treatment in Custody

I am Hakone

I am Hakone

More on Japan’s Justice System

Jake Adelstein, the author of Tokyo Vice

I Just didn’t do it (with English subtitles)

I Just didn’t do it

7 Brutal Realities regarding being arrested in Japan

Punishing Foreigners exonerating Japanese


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