An NHL Hockey Team for Tokyo!

Tokyo is a city of 12 million potential ice hockey fans.  The surrounding 50 kms from the center of Tokyo, has as many people as ALL of Canada.  Canada at the time of writing, has 7 NHL teams.  Las Vegas, the sin city of the desert, went from no hockey culture, and no hockey to speak of, to be a very successful ice hockey franchise in the NHL.  The same could be accomplished in Tokyo with the right management team and the right owner(s).

Tokyo could easily support an NHL team.  It is such a great sport, that it would sell itself with enough exposure here.

There is somewhat of an ice hockey tradition in that Japan has four teams in the Asian League.  There are many university teams, and there is a Japanese national championship for men and women.

If you believe that Tokyo should have an NHL team, join our Facebook Group!


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