Shinobi An

My friend Ken and I ate at a unique isakaya near Machida Station called Shinobi An. The food was standard isakaya fare but good.

For an isakaya prices are reasonable enough.

It is unique because it is modeled on an old Japanese style tea house, one in which you could not carry your katana (sword) into your sitting area.

I love Japanese history and old Japanese buildings, so this atmosphere suited me!

The only annoying thing was when we paid and I was trying to have the cashier let us pay half each. But instead of me saying: “hanbun haratte mo ii desuka?” I asked: “betsu betsu de mo ii desuka?” Rather than explain my blunder to me in spite of me asking several times, he chose to ignore me, while pleadingly looking towards my Japanese friend Ken, who was still getting his money out to pay. So although it was my Japanese speaking mistake, it would have been nice had the clerk simply tried to ask me: “hanbun haraitai desuka?” But perhaps he could not understand. I really hate being ignored and them looking for help from my Japanese friends. I feel like I am being treated like a child, or worse, like I’m not there.

“I don’t see you. I don’t see you.”

Shobi An

I am Hakone

How to teach English in Japan


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